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Brass Pulls | Reasons For Buying Brass Knobs And Pulls!


Brass pulls are still popular today as much as they have been in the past. There may be different reasons why brass cabinet pulls are popular but they can easily be summarized in four reasons.





Brass Pulls | Reasons To Buy Brass Cabinet Hardware


1. First, brass comes in different classic shades that range from gold to dark brown.

2. Second, brass pulls have different designs. They can have simple and clean lines or ornate curves.

3. Third, the diversity of brass pulls in terms of color and design make them suitable for most interior design schemes.  You can find the largest selection of brass pulls on Amazon!

4. Finally, brass pulls are very hardy. A cabinet needs durable cabinet knobs and pulls because the pulls are the parts that are most exposed to handling. They don't detach easily and are resistant to scratching and tarnishing. The best way to revive an antique cabinet without too much work is to add brass cabinet hardware.


How To Choose The Right Brass Cabinet Pulls For Your Home


Brass PullWhen it comes to choosing colors for brass cabinet pulls or brass cabinet knobs, think of striking a balance in colors of the pull and the cabinet itself so either one don't go unnoticed. An ash brown cabinet would look good with brass pulls that are two shades darker than ash brown. Meanwhile, an espresso-colored cabinet will sit well with golden-bronze brass pulls. The safest trick is to choose light pulls when the cabinet is dark, and vice-versa. Don't go for too much contrast though. One to two shades lighter or darker should be enough.

You will have many options for the designs of brass pulls. In fact, the search can be dizzying. The standard rule would be to stick to simple, clean, and elegant lines for contemporary cabinets. Antique cabinets can be accented with more details.

You can also play around with the rules. If you want to add flair to your contemporary cabinet but you still want to play safe, you can get brass pulls that are inspired by art deco designs. They have curved lines that are still clean and simple. Don't forget that the size of the pulls should also be according to the size of the cabinet.


How To Clean Brass Cabinet Pulls And Knobs


Brass Cabinet Pulls And HandlesThe big part of the maintenance of brass cabinet pulls is keeping it clean. Start by cleaning the brass pull with detergent. Afterwards, mix a solution of 1 tablespoon salt and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. You should add this to a pint of water.

Take a soft cloth and dip it in the solution. Use the cloth to rub the brass pull. If there is heavy corrosion, soak the pull in a warm solution of baking soda for an hour. As for polishing, use metal polish or lacquer that can be bought from craft shops.



The best place to start your search for brass pulls in on Amazon. Amazon will have the largest selection and you will also to buy the perfect brass pulls for your home at discount prices! Click on the image link below!


Brass Cabinet Pulls


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