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Kitchen Cabinet Knobs And Pulls | How To Choose The Perfect Cabinet Knobs And Pulls For Your Home!


While kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls are sometimes pushed to the side when doing kitchen remodeling because of their small sizes, they can still affect the overall appearance of your kitchen. The wrong cabinet knobs and pulls can ruin what would otherwise have been an attractive kitchen, simply because of their bulky, unwieldy appearance that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Do you want to update a boring old kitchen? Then there are a lot of ways you can do this aside from applying a fresh coat of paint. You can add or replace kitchen accents that can make your kitchen an inspiring living space. A perfect example of this is improving your knobs and pulls.

 On this site you will find out about the differences between kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls from each other that will help you in choosing which cabinet hardware to get for your home. We also will be constantly updating this site to give you current information. The site was last updated on July 2 , 2012.

You may think the first place to look for the best selection of home improvement items for the kitchen is at your local hardware store, but that is not the best place to start your search. You will find that most hardware stores, including the big box types will have a very limited selection of kitchen or bathroom cabinet hardware.


Where Is The Best Place To Shop For Kitchen Cabinet Knobs And Pulls?

The best place to shop for all of the different types and kinds of kitchen cabinet knobs and kitchen cabinet pulls is on AMAZON. They are considered one of if not the most trusted and reputable shopping sites on the Internet. AMAZON not only will have the largest selection of items for the home but they also have them at discount prices!


Differences Between Cabinet Knobs And Pulls

While essentially having the same purpose of being used to open kitchen cabinets, cabinet pulls and knobs are actually quite distinct from each other. You will find there although they serve the same purpose you will get an entirely different feel and appearance of your cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Pewter Cabinet KnobsCabinet knobs only have one attachment point, attached to cabinet doors with one screw. Knobs are commonly used in homes that have antique and antique-themed kitchen decors. Because these are usually small and attached to a single point, kitchen cabinets that have knobs may be harder to open, especially when the hands of a person are wet.
Furthermore, because it is attached at only one point, these become loose more quickly than pulls, especially if the cabinets are opened frequently. Knobs for cabinets usually come in more designs compared to pulls, including quirky patterns such as vegetable-shaped knobs.

The best place to get knobs for less is on Amazon.com.

Kitchen cabinet knobs are very simple to install. Here is a very short video on how to install cabinet knobs (sorry, there is a short ad in the beginning).





Kitchen Cabinet Pulls 

Knobs And PullsCabinet door pulls, on the other hand, are handles that are attached to cabinet doors at two points.
While knobs are used in antique-appearing kitchens, pulls are used in contemporary homes as these are more modern-looking than the former. Although these come in fewer styles compared to knobs you will be able to find a large selection of contemporary kitchen pulls and decorative cabinet pulls on AMAZON.

However, drawer pulls are easier to use than knobs because users can have a better grasp of the handle. Given the differences between kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls, buyers will need to weigh in both appearance and convenience in order to choose the right ones for their cabinets.



Different Kinds Of Cabinet Pulls And Knobs

You can do away with simple and conventional cabinet pulls and knobs that do nothing to accentuate your cabinets. There are many types of kitchen cabinet knobs that you can choose from and your choice may depend on several factors.

There are a variety of cabinet handles and knobs in the market, which can make shopping hard for people. But, you can find all of the different varieties on one shopping site and that is Amazon. They have the largest selection at the lowest prices!

Listed below are the factors that can differentiate the different kitchen cabinet drawer knobs and kitchen cabinet drawer pulls from each other.


There are also knobs and pulls that can match your type of cabinet material. Whatever your kitchen cabinet is: wooden, metal, plastic, aluminum, etc, there is a cabinet knob and door pull that can match. Just check out several cabinet hardware shopping sites on Amazon and you will surely find what you want.

The material of cabinet pulls and knobs is an important factor to consider in shopping for this kind of kitchen cabinet hardware, not only because it will affect the appearance of the kitchen cabinet, but also because it can affect the durability of these pulls and knobs. Chrome, wood, pewter, nickel, plastic, bronze, porcelain, and ceramic are the materials commonly used in kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls.
The kitchen is one room in the house that experiences a lot of traffic daily, and most households see cabinets that are opened and shut several times during the day.


Pulls are usually conventionally shaped, with its two attachment points. Knobs, on the other hand, are a different story. These have a variety of shapes, ranging from the traditional round ones to the quirky shapes like sunflowers, turtles, and vegetables. There are, however, two generic categories that classify knobs.

Pin type knobs have a modern, stylish design, with the difference between the neck and the head of the knob minimal. Ball type kitchen knobs have large heads and thinner necks, which can make grasping these easier. The shape should match the overall decor of your kitchen.


There are also different sizes of cabinet pulls and knobs that you can choose from. The rule of thumb in choosing the size of the knobs and pulls that you'll be buying is that it needs to be proportional to the size of your kitchen cabinets.


When it comes to kitchen knobs and kitchen pulls, height, or projection, is defined as the difference between the head and the neck of the knob or pull. The longer the neck, the easier it will be to open the cabinet because your fingers will have a better grasp of the handle. Those who have arthritis, are disabled, or are elderly are recommended to get ones that have a good height so that they will rely less on finger strength.


Kitchen Cabinet Door KnobsThe finish of the cabinet handles and knobs can also affect its appearance, and by extension, the look of your kitchen. The more casual types are usually just painted a certain color with sheen applied on top to make it more attractive.

However, for other types particularly those that are made of metal, the finish can make or break the appearance. Some of the finishes include oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, matte black, antique copper, polished brass, Swedish iron, weathered nickel, iron, and satin pewter.  You also want to make sure they will match other fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom.  If you have brushed nickel bathroom faucets then you would also want brushed nickel door knobs or pulls for the cabinets.

How To Measure For Cabinet Hardware

It is very important that you know how to measure for cabinet hardware.  Doing the proper measurement will save you time and money.  One of the more common mistake is people will measure the cabinet pull or knob and then start drilling.  What you need to do is measure the holes for the knob or pull and you should measure from the center of one hole to the center of the other hole.

Here is a short video about how to measure for cabinet hardware (there is a short commercial at the beginning of the video).




Choosing The Right Kitchen Knobs And Kitchen Pulls For Your Home

 Kitchen Pulls1. Style

There are kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls made for any type of kitchen design. There are different styles of knobs and pulls that can complement a modern design, traditional, classic, country style, retro style, futuristic style and even post modern design. You can find all of these designs and more for cabinet knobs and pulls when you search and shop on Amazon.

Style is the main factor that you will want to consider in choosing the right kitchen knobs and kitchen pulls for your home. Not only will these need to be attractive in them, but these also have to match your existing decors so that these will blend well with the surroundings.
2.  Design

Homeowners usually start with an inspiration to redesign or renovate an existing living space like a kitchen. With the many inspiring ideas, there are kitchen cabinets knobs that correspond. Choose from a western style cabinet pull, a seaside theme, a 70s theme, Victorian inspired, nature inspired or how about a modern contemporary design. Whatever your inspiration, you can surely find the door pull or cabinet knob you will need for your kitchen when you shop online.

3. Look And Color

It's particularly important that the look and color of the knobs and pulls you ultimately get will match the cabinet itself to prevent these from sticking out. For example, if you have antique kitchen cabinets, you wouldn't want to get cheap-looking plastic knobs or pulls painted in a garish shade.

4. Feel

The feel is also an important factor to consideration. No matter how attractive it is, if it feels uncomfortable or awkward, don't bother buying it, because you will be the one who will end up having a hard time in opening your kitchen cabinet if you pick wrongly. Do feel the cabinet pulls and knobs before buying to check if these are comfortable enough for use.

5.  Strong And Durable

Glass Drawer KnobsKitchen cabinet hardware must be one of the strongest which can resist daily wear and tear. There are different materials you can use as a strong door pull or cabinet knob. You may try metal, brass, nickel, aluminum, ceramic, wooden and hardware made of hard plastic.

Also, hardware for kitchen cabinets and drawers must be able to resist extremes of temperature considering there are varying temperatures inside the kitchen. Avoid picking novelty drawer hardware which are not only expensive but sometimes break easy and warp due to heat. Stick with durable yet stylish drawer pulls and cabinet knobs made of aluminum or any type of strong metal that will can withstand extreme heat and wear in the kitchen area.

6. Cost

Cost is always a factor you will need to consider when making purchases. There is one best place that you can buy knobs for less online. Do ensure that these kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls aren't priced so highly that you'll do better to renovate your entire kitchen instead of just replacing these. The best place to buy discount kitchen cabinet hardware is on Amazon.

Replacing your old knobs and pulls may be enough to give your kitchen a fresh, new appearance. As such, make sure that you choose well what cabinet handles and knobs to get. If need be, you can request for samples from the store prior to buying these to check if these look well when set against your kitchen cabinets. 


Maintaining Your New Cabinet Door Knobs And Cabinet Door Pulls

Butterfly Drawer PullsKitchen cabinet drawer knobs and door pulls not only make your kitchen look better, it gives the homeowner an air of style and with an eye for detail. As a stylish homeowner however, you must also take extra care of your cabinet hardware especially your beautiful and creative drawer pulls and knobs.

Your cabinet hardware must also be easy to clean and easy to maintain. Spills, mess and dirt are part of cabinets’ lives and it is really better to choose types of drawer pulls and knobs that need less maintenance.

Here are several ways to maintain these works of art:

1. Even if your new kitchen knobs and kitchen pulls are cheaply priced or you have bought them exclusively on Amazon, they need regular maintenance and care. Metal hardware must not just be polished but dirt and grime must be removed thoroughly before applying polish.

2. Some homeowners protect their investment by applying a thin coat of lacquer or clear nail polish to prevent scratching and scrapping due to constant handling.

3. Care of your cabinet hardware may depend on the material they are made. Wooden cabinet pulls and knobs must be varnished at least once a year and inspected against moving parts and screws regularly.

Metal knobs and pulls must be cleaned with an ordinary dishwashing paste and water in a soft cloth. You may apply a single coat of polish after cleaning them thoroughly.

Plastic handles and pulls are the easiest to clean. Just use a mild household cleaner or dishwashing detergent on a piece of cloth and you are done!

Intricate designs and materials need extra brushing, wiping and polishing. Consult your hardware store personnel on the ideal surface cleaner to use.

4. Maintain your kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls by checking on their screws and bolts even once every month. Any signs of movement, cracks and warping must be replaced immediately. Homeowners sometimes order extra pulls and knobs especially for high traffic rooms since these fixtures can wear and tear faster than others.

5. Never hang anything heavy from your kitchen cabinet hardware. This may damage your knobs and pulls as well as damage your cabinet door or drawer over time.

As said before the best place to buy discount cabinets pulls and discount cabinet knobs is on AMAZON. You will find the best selection of kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls at the lowest prices!

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 Kitchen Cabinet Knobs And Pulls 



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